ISO 22000

ISO 22000

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System

Food Safety Management System in accordance with ISO 22000 is the most used management standard worldwide that specifies the general requirements and capability of organizations to control risks and ensure food safety.

The requirements of the standard are general and can be applied by all organizations in the food chain, regardless of their size, type and activities.

Why it is important?

The certification of such a Management System, ensures the recognition of the company's commitment for continuous improvement, the safety-quality of the production process, the reduction of failures and erroneous practices and compliance with the legislation.

Finally, the implementation of the ISO 22000 standard, provides to the consumer confidence regarding the products quality and safety.

Benefits of ISO 22000

ISO 22000 is based on the fundamental design and development principles of HACCP as well as on CODEX ALIMENTARIUS and aims to:

Compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements for food safety.

Strengthening consumers’ feeling of security towards the organization and its food products

Harmonization with commonly accepted food production practices

Assurance of customer satisfaction

Readiness for nutritional crisis management

Continuous quality improvement

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